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The Trentino 'Cinema Stories' project is awarded the Global Education Innovation Award

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The Trentino 'Cinema Stories' project is awarded the Global Education Innovation Award

(September 29, 2017) International recognition for the "Cinema Stories" project, conceived and coordinated by the Center for International Cooperation in Trento. GENE, the European Network for Education for Global Citizenship that brings together the ministerial institutions of the European countries competent in this field, has selected the project as one of the 12 most innovative practices among the 80 in competition from 26 European countries. The awards ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, October 6 in Nicosia (Cyprus) with an economic award of € 10,000 to be used to replicate the project and promote innovative activities in the field of the ECG (Education for Global Citizenship). In addition, the project will find visibility and dissemination in a Gene edited publication with international distribution. Satisfaction for this recognition was expressed by the development cooperation assessor Sara Ferrari. "The topics discussed in the victorious 'Movie Stories' project are, more and more every day, of primary importance in the growth and education of young citizens and citizens of our times: this increases prestige and consideration for the prize and its winner. The victory of this award, thanks to the participation of a qualified network of partners, can only make us happy and proud, besides giving us a renewed awareness that Trentino has for years been in the right direction. " (Red)


The goal of the "Cinema Stories" project is to enhance migration as a global education resource in higher education in Trentino. Migration experience through cinema therefore becomes a useful resource for the conscious growth of new generations. The initiative has come about through a training course aimed at people with a migration experience willing to make available their experience in comparison with students from six schools, followed by a large attendance at public restitution to the community nights. The Gene Assessment Committee appreciated, in particular, the innovative nature, creativity, approach to empowering migrants' skills, the overturning of prospects in mutual perception among migrants and other citizens, and the improved awareness of their skills by the witnesses of the initiative. Particularly appreciated is the impact on the community in relation to the resources employed, the replicability of the project in other territorial contexts, the heterogeneity of the recipients involved through the universal language of cinema and the ability to intersect public policies ranging from educational to sphere up to international cooperation.

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