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Racconti by Paolo Longo
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Racconti by Paolo Longo <br> on exhibition

(23 January 2018) The exhibition "Racconti" by Paolo Longo will remain open to the public until February 28th at the Italian Institute of Culture in Lisbon. In this exhibition Paolo Longo proposes stories that start from Tokyo, passing through China, North Korea, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestinian Territories to finally land in Lisbon where he lives today.  Places very different from each other are united by the photographer's research of the stories of everyday life rather than longitude and latitude. "Every photograph is a story, every image that the camera nails in time and space can be a story that refers to other stories, to other tales. Stories of people, true stories, images of everyday life that at first glance may seem trivial or obvious but that hide politics, history, culture, emotions, desires, and secrets of a society".

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