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Abu Dhabi - On April 19th, Enrico Terrinoni will hold a conference at the Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi to present his book 'The Life of the Other. Svevo, Joyce: A Brilliant Friendship' (Bompiani publisher, 2023). There will be a reading/recitation of some letters from the Joyce-Svevo correspondence by actresses Francesca Bizzarri and Carmen Panarello. The book is the unpublished story of a very special friendship between two of the great writers of the 20th century: James Joyce and Italo Svevo against the backdrop of Trieste, a city on the border between East and West where they both lived. Joyce, a rebellious Irishman who comes to Italy because he loves the Italian language and culture, but also to escape from an Ireland under the double yoke of the British Empire and the Catholic Church, and a middle-aged gentleman of Jewish origin who worked long in banking and now works in the paint industry of his wife's family. (9colonne)

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