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Conference on “Life, Passions
and Secrets of Raffaello Sanzio”

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Conference on “Life, Passions <br>and Secrets of Raffaello Sanzio”

The conference "Life, passions and secrets of Raffaello Sanzio" by Costantino D'Orazio will be held on January 31 at 18.30 at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo. Raffaello Sanzio lived only thirty-seven years. How did he accomplish so in such a short time that his name became one of the symbols of Italian art? If the innate talent has guided his hands since a very young age, his frenetic and passionate, curious and entrepreneurial character also played a fundamental role: Raphael was not afraid of the majesty of the names of his contemporaries. He learned from Perugino, admires Leonardo, observes Michelangelo. He learned from the past, took inspiration from the present, and aspired to future glory. But his works are not just a mere representation: they contain details with surprising significance. Why does Plato, in the School of Athens, have Leonardo da Vinci's features?

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